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I am currently post-graduate research student in Geophysics at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, also at the Department of Geology, University College Dublin.

My broad interests in geosciences are exploration geophysics (applied in oil and gas prospecting and environmental issue), global geophysics, geodynamics and earth structure studies.

My current research interest is global seismology. My focus is analyzing teleseismic data (long distance seismic signals from natural source, e.g. earthquakes) and the splitting of shear-waves refracted through the core and its application in resolving seismic anisotropy.

I graduated from Vietnam National University at Ho Chi Minh City in 2000, with a BSc in Physics. In 2002, I've obtained an MSc in Exploration Geophysics at Leeds University, UK. I've been living and working in Dublin, Ireland since October 2002.